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Professional, experienced commercial divers

Inshore specialists: docks, ditches, rivers and more

24 hour emergency service

Call-out, maintenance and project work


Commercial diving specialist

Here at Eclipse Commercial Diving we provide inshore commercial diving services with a focus on safety. Our professional divers are fully trained and bring with them a wealth of inshore and offshore experience.

We offer a range of commercial diving services including survey and inspection, civil engineering, shipping callouts and repairs, industrial work and salvage. In fact, we can take on any task where work needs to be done underwater. We’ve not yet come across a problem we can’t solve!

We can work with clients in a number of different ways. You can either contract us for a specific project, engage us on a regular maintenance contract, or simply call on us when you need a problem solving underwater. Our work usually takes us around the Thames, the Medway and across the South East, but we are available for jobs across the UK.

Emergency commercial diving

There are occasions when unforeseen circumstances mean you need some work done underwater in a hurry. We offer a 24 hour call out service for emergencies. This means we can be with you quickly. Solving a problem within hours of discovering it can ensure the safety of your team, and your vessel or plant. Getting you back up and running again quickly can also save you significant loss of earnings.

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